About Scott & Guided Guitar Lessons


Aspiring, advancing or returning guitarist? Looking for guidance choosing the next best step in your guitar playing adventure? Overwhelmed by all the choices and unsure about promises made by teachers, online sites and the avalanche of free, but unorganized and unqualified, information available on the internet?

I know just how you feel!

I'm Scott Perry, professional guitarist, teacher, and creator of Guided Guitar Lessons. In my thirty-year career as a professional musician and teacher, I've helped hundreds of guitarists along their musician's journey. My teaching philosophy is pretty simple - "Those who can do, those who think others can too, teach."

Why I Do What I Do

Everyone who wants to can and should play the guitar. Music making enhances all of our lives by cultivating creativity, cooperation, confidence, and self-expression.

How I Do What I Do: Student-Centered Lessons

What are "student-centered lessons?" Lessons that begin by meeting students where they are, identifying where they want to go, and designing a program to get them there efficiently and effectively and have a lot of fun along the way!

Everyone understands and uses music instinctually long before they begin “studying” an instrument. Starting with that intuitive sense, I help aspiring and advancing players by:

  • Providing lessons that are step-wise, progressive and clear.
  • Boiling down difficult material to its essential elements and core concepts.
  • Presenting material with a specific application (tune or technique), in mind.
  • Delivering inspiration and encouragement.
  • Correcting gently when necessary with a clear purpose.

What I Do

  • Provide personalized lessons, online and off, tailored to student goals.
  • Provide coaching on turning pro as a performer and/or teacher.
  • Provide encouragement and support in and out of the "classroom."
  • Cultivate cooperation over competition.
  • Promote sharing musical talent and progress with "the world."

What I DON'T Do!

  • Teach "tricks" & "hacks." - I mean really, do you want to be a musician or a hack!
  • Say "Here's what I would do." - Ever have one of those teachers that just want to show you how great they are and don't listen to you? I want to help folks find and cultivate their unique musical voice.
  • Depend on frills and fancy effects - No white backgrounds, multiple camera angles, and other unnecessary gimmicks. My online lessons replicate an in-person lesson experience. You sitting across from a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher invested in guiding you toward your guitar playing goals as efficiently as possible.

Where I Do What I Do

  • In-Person Lessons (On & Off-Line), in My Lesson Studio
  • On-Line Courses (By Download & Subscription), on My Site
  • Build Community (Membership Site), on My Site (Coming Soon)
  • Coaching (Bust Barriers & Turn Pro), in Online & in My Lesson Studio


I'm here to help guide fellow travelers on their guitar playing journey.

How can I help you?

Ask me anything and I'll get back to you within 48 hours!


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