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Scott Perry, Guitar Guide

Do you need help discovering the next best step in your guitar playing adventure? 

I've been there and know just how you feel!

I'm a husband, father, teacher, and musician from Floyd, VA. As a life-long a professional musician and teacher, I've helped hundreds of guitarists get guided and get going with their musician's journey as guitar players and teachers.

If you're ready to identify where you're at as a guitar player or teacher, determine where you want to be as a musician and get there in the most effective and efficient way possible, email me:


"Scott Perry is a great guitar teacher. He's an excellent communicator who always knows exactly what's needed to help guitar students improve their playing skills. His commitment to his students and his easy going manner make Scott one of the best guitar teachers around."

Martin Taylor
Jazz Guitar Legend and Teacher

"My son started taking lessons with Scott when he was 5 years old. Scott is the most patient, caring, fun loving and encouraging teacher I have ever met."

Christy Thomas Vest
Student Parent

"Scott Perry is a phenomenal teacher. He displays all the attributes of a great educator including empathy, patience and knowing exactly what a student needs to help them move to the next level. Highly recommended."

James Taylor
Guitar Retreat Organizer

"Scott is not only a teacher for my grandson, but a mentor and friend. Scott provides numerous opportunities to perform and even record. Scott keeps challenging himself as a musician and passes this knowledge to his students!"

Hilda Dickerson
Student Grandparent

The Beginning Guitarist Jumpstart Kit

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